Familiar faces acclimate to new offices

Refugio Water and Wastewater Superintendent Jose DeLeon answers emails from his newly refurbished office, stopping water leakage issues to the office ceiling. (Photo by Thomas Leffler)

Some familiar faces are acclimating to a new place this summer.

Refugio town officials moved into their newly-refurbished city hall offices June 14, a renovation made possible from Rebuild Texas and insurance funding. Rebuild Texas was designated by the Office of the Governor to receive private donations following disasters, and according to the group’s website, they “strategically collect and distribute funding and additional resources to eligible organizations in impacted areas to build resilience.”

The renovations include fresh paint, new flooring, replacement of carpeting and the extension of Refugio’s city council chambers. Water damages brought on by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 were also fixed in the three-month construction project, namely leaks in the office of town water and wastewater superintendent Jose DeLeon.

The extended council room was the brainchild of Mayor Wanda Dukes, who stated she wanted more audience participation at meetings. Dukes also stated she was thankful for the new storage space the renovations brought, as supplies such as water, paper towels and toilet paper used to be housed in a separate building.

Also renovated were the hall’s club room and ballroom, both undergoing their final improvement steps. Adorning the wall of the club room, rented out for special occasions, is a set of Refugio cowboy portraits. The historical portraits are part of Louise O’Connor’s book “Cryin’ for Daylight,” a documentation of the “vanishing culture” of ranching heritage in the region.


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