Fierova welcomed back to Woodsboro

A message at the Woodsboro Little League field welcomed Richard Fierova home Wednesday, June 30. (Photo by Barbara Martin)

Wednesday, June 30, was an exciting and emotional day for Woodsboro’s Richard Fierova. After a month long stay in the hospital following the amputation of his leg, he was released from the hospital. It is an understatement to say that Fierova was happy to see that day come.

He stated that after being away from Woodsboro for a month just seeing the grain elevator as he came into town was a welcoming sight. But, unbeknownst to him, there was more to come.

As his bags were being packed and the necessary paperwork was being completed before he could leave the hospital, Fierova’s friends were getting in position to welcome him home in a big way. 

A total of 34 cars of well-wishers lined up on Locke Street in front of the Woodsboro Eagle Dome to shower him with love by cheering and honking their horns. In addition to those in the cars several Woodsboro Independent School District staff members walked to the site from their offices.

Fierova and his wife, Jackie, were being driven home by their daughter Madelyn Fierova-Martinez. Instead of taking them straight home, she passed by the couple’s house and explained that she was taking them on a ride around town to see what they might have missed while they were away.

They soon became aware that something was going on.

“As we approached the Eagle Dome it was clear a homecoming reception was in store. My heart filled with joy and tears filled my eyes almost to the point I couldn’t recognize who was who,” Fierova said.

“As we drove down Locke Street so many people waved and shouted words of encouragement, to which I teared up more and could barely shout out my ‘thank you.’” 

“Then I saw the baseball field fence message and I completely lost it.”

Fierova further stated that he was humbled to say the least. He said, “This community has done a lot for us; but this was special with overwhelming emotions.

“I love our small town where we are all family.Thank you!”


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