As the weather begins to warm for the spring season, some residents may be searching for their beach bodies, while others are searching for ways to keep their mental health in check. 

To aid in mind, body and soul, Refugio residents can now turn to Steven Flores, owner and operator of Pure Nutrition Refugio. The location at 104 E. Purisima St. will have its grand opening on April 14, and aims to become the one-stop wellness shop of the city. This will be achieved by providing healthy meal-replacement options in the form of shakes, as well as an area to hang out and feel what Flores called the “good vibes.”

“A lot of times, people may say they’re unhappy with whatever is going on with their mind,” Flores said. “That has a lot to do with their choice of food. They may not know it, but it has a lot to do with that. How you’re feeding your body is how you’re feeding your mind, what you’re listening to ... if you’re choosing good choices of foods, you may be choosing good choices to improve your overall mindset, your overall body.”

Flores grew up on the southern end of Corpus Christi, and found out firsthand how important someone’s diet can be.

“I always had been an athletic person,” he said. “I was into fitness, but never really knew how nutrition really worked until I got introduced to (wellness groups) ... it’s helped me feel great, it’s helped me become more informed on nutrition, how it operates, how it works on a day-to-day basis. Just improving and promoting daily wellness, meaning mind, body and soul, and how nutrition goes through all aspects of that. Not only the physical, but the mental aspect as well, it all interchangeably affects one another.”

Being introduced to the wider realm of possibilities nutrition can provide, Flores then set out to find a space for a wellness shop of his own. Looking at options in the Corpus area, he then found an opening at the Purisima St. location to ply his trade.

His game plan for Pure Nutrition is to implement meal-replacement shakes, coming in a variety of flavors. The meal-replacement certified shakes consist of 24 grams of protein, 21 vitamins and minerals, low-calorie fiber and a smattering of healthier saturated fat.

“Say, for instance, you get a steak and you get your healthy sides (with) vitamins, minerals ... that’s all going to be in one shake that you can drink,” Flores said.

Also served on the Pure Nutrition menu are more energetic options, such as protein-rich coffees and healthy energy teas.

“Those are really great for an on-the-go energy boost,” Flores said. “It’s also going to help you with mental focus, it’s going to have collagen in it as well to remove cellulite and grow healthy skin and nails. Of course, (the tea helps) your energy and digestion as well.”

For those easing into their spring and summer workout routines, Pure Nutrition provides both pre-workout and post-workout recovery shakes, with pre-workout drinks containing nitric oxide to assist with blood flow and heart rate.

Taking a broad view of the menu, along with the laid-back locale, Flores’ game plan for a healthier Refugio looks to be a go.

“Food is food, but what I would like to do in terms of a small town specifically is to kind of have a healthy spot for people to go to,” he said. “A healthy fast food option. You go into the cafe, you get your order, then you can stay in the cafe to study, to hang out, to kind of promote that healthy and happier lifestyle. I think it’s a good space for people to come in and feel the good energy.”

Flores states that he not only wants to serve the basis for nutrition, but to “change the mindset of nutrition” to include the overlooked aspect of mental health.

“Even meditating, having some grounded boundaries within yourself, these types of things all go into making happier and healthier choices,” he said. “That’s what my goal is, to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle to everyone.”

Over the next few months, Flores will be working toward decking out the cafe with unique decor to help set up Refugio with wellness success. A bar will be set up, along with a mirror and green wall to take pictures with friends and family. The overall look of the place will have a clean, bright look with white paint surrounding the grey flooring.

For those that wish to follow Flores’ venture into wellness, the new owner shared some tips on how to look and feel your best in 2021.

“Like anything, it’s about being consistent ... the quality of the protein and the quality of the features that we provide, it’s going to give you the best feeling that you can get out of your body, and it’s going to provide your body the essential needs that it needs to have the overall vitality that your body does require ... (a better body can be achieved) if you stay consistent with that, if you stay grounded in your health choices every single day, stay grounded in your workouts without me just simply walking. That means me going to the gym, or even home workouts. Any kind of exercise is 20 percent of the 100 percent that you want to get. The other 80 percent is the nutrition you intake inside your body.”

For more information, contact Pure Nutrition Refugio at 361-658-3038 or visit the Facebook page by searching for Pure Nutrition Refugio. 


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