REFUGIO - County commissioners reviewed  a proposed 2020 budget Tuesday morning, noting that the 8% ad valorem tax cap would be at 75 cents per $100 of property value to support a $10.21 million budget.

Ad valorem tax generated revenue was estimated to cover $5.771 million of the budget.

County Judge Bobby Blaschke noted that there was $479,000 in the county’s reserve fund.

The county also has a $920,000 FEMA loan for maintenance and operations.

“These have a tendency to be forgiven. It has been forgiven in the past,” Blaschke said.

One of the main expenses was a 3% pay increase t all the county’s employees.

Blaschke noted that next year raising revenue will be of great concern.

The Legislature passed  a tax relief bill that affects counties and cities that caps the tax rate at 3.5%, down from the current 8%.

So Blaschke urged county officials to curb spending, keeping it to needed things, not wanted things.

The county’s budget calendar sets Aug. 13 as the commissioners court’s  next date to accept the proposed budget with any last changes made Tuesday.

Tim Delaney is the Refugio editor at the  Advance-Guard Press and can be reached at 361-526-2397, or at refugio