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The Refugio County Courthouse was the scene of a break in on Nov. 13. (Photo courtesy of the County of Refugio

Refugio County Sheriff Raul “Pinky” Gonzales and Refugio Chief of Police Enrique Diaz Jr. confirmed that the Refugio County Courthouse was broken into on Saturday night Nov. 13.

According to Diaz, at 8:47 p.m. an officer was dispatched to the county courthouse for a report of a suspicious individual who was shining a light in the windows of the county courthouse.

“Officer arrived and he did observe a light being shined at one of the DPS offices, which are in the basement area of the courthouse,” Diaz said.

According to Diaz, after observing the situation and finding a broken window, the officer set up a staging area outside the courthouse to await additional units to set up a perimeter.

After the units arrived, they entered the courthouse. The suspect fled on foot before being captured on Power Street.

Gonzales mentioned that the stolen items include ammunition, a knife, a hat and an Ipad. Gonzales related that no other offices were broken into.

Gonzales says that while there were reports that there was a second individual who escaped, they are still investigating the facts. “As it’s looking right now, I think he did it on his own.”

A description of a second suspect was sent out that night.

“Around 10:20 p.m. one of our night officers ended up locating a subject matching the description of the second subject that had fled walking down the 100 block of East Common Street,” said Diaz.

Diaz describes the suspect as wearing all black Nike clothing, including a hoodie, black shoes and a ballcap.

“Whenever the officer attempted to do a field interview with the subject, the subject ended up running away from the officer,” said Diaz.

According to Diaz, the subject was told by the officer to stop so that he may talk to him. The individual then ran from the officer, who attempted to administer his taser, but he was not successful in tasing the individual. The individual continued to flee and fled behind a couple of residences off of First Street, according to Diaz. “Another perimeter was set up with additional units and they searched the area and could not find the subject. He absconded,” said Diaz.

The Refugio Police Department continues to investigate the situation. It is still undetermined whether there was a second individual at the courthouse break-in. The suspect who was arrested at the courthouse has been charged with burglary of a building, burglary of a vehicle and evading arrest or detention.


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