Faith United Church welcomes new pastor

Bob Templni stands ready to preach God's word (Contributed Photo)

Faith United Church in Woodsboro has a new pastor: Pastor Robert “Bob” Templin 

Templin began as a truck driver. “We were truck drivers and couldn’t go to church... Traveling for Christ was something we first started on the CB radio.”

Templin preached from the radio in his truck, carrying God’s message to anyone who was listening. 

“About 13 years ago, I built a church in Florida from scratch,” said Bob. “It was completely dead... I walked the streets and invited people, and we built it up.”

Templin eventually moved down to Woodsboro.

“Down here, I knew some of the people from church,” continued Templin. “They surprised me. They called me and said ‘I’m recommending you as a candidate to pastor a church down here... by the second or third week, they had a vote and they had a 100% vote for us to stay.”

Templin came from a split family. A man who he refers to as his grandfather took him under his wing. From the age of 5, his grandfather was sure that Templin would be a preacher. Growing up, Templin was influenced by both Catholic and Baptist family members. 

He loves to work with people. He wants to make sure that people know to read their bible. “So many people go to church and they really don’t ever read their bible. They don’t know what’s in it. I’ve met so many people who are that way. What we’ve done for 20 years is teach people to read their bible.”

Templin encourages critical thinking in his ministry. Templin identifies as “not-denominational,” a distinction between non-denominational. 

“I love everybody in every denomination and outside the denominations,” said Templin. “I love everybody. I would never tell anyone not to go to church or not to talk to someone because of they are a different denomination.”

Templin reaches out to everyone he can regardless of background. To Templin, it doesn’t matter if a person is a drunk or a prostitute. Templin views everyone with the same love he’s learned to have from Jesus Christ.

“We need to go to people where they are,” said Templin. “We need to reach out to them.” 

Templin is joined in his ministry by his wife, Deborah. Deborah is involved in Bob’s work. Growing up in the Church of Christ, she too eventually became “not-denominational.”

Deborah was instrumental in getting Bob to go back to church after their relationship began.

“We got on the track...” said Deborah. “How do you not keep up with the studying and with the helping people?”

Bob is also joined in his ministry by Doug Mountjoy. Mountjoy himself has a testimony involving multiple surgeries to remove brain tumors. Mountjoy loves God, as do Bob and Deborah. 

Bob is now preaching at Faith United Church in Woodsboro. Bob made it very clear that anyone is welcome in his church regardless of past or beliefs. 


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