Former Refugio student establishes new scholarship in the name of former educator

Lottie Nell Richardson taught at the Barefield School and Refugio Elementary for a number of years. Former student, Ronnie Green, will honor her memory with an annual scholarship in her name. (Contributed photo)

REFUGIO – Ronnie Green, a former Refugio student, has established a scholarship in the name of a former educator, who he describes as outstanding, Lottie Nell Richardson.

Richardson taught fourth grade at Barefield School for a number of years and then at Refugio Elementary School until her retirement.

In a Barefield School yearbook Richardson was described as having a “strict no-nonsense approach in the classroom.”

Two members of the Refugio High School class of 2020 were selected as scholarship recipients this year. Going forward, one scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduate of RHS.

In a tribute to Mrs. Richardson Green wrote:

“I have to admit that I feel rather inadequate, but I am honored to tell you about an outstanding teacher who inspired many students, including myself in the Barefield Colored School and Refugio Independent School District as well.

“I know I couldn’t be who I am without the phenomenal input she had in my life.

“Any person can enter a classroom, pick up a teacher’s manual and relay the information to the students. However, this does not qualify someone as an outstanding educator.

“An outstanding educator requires a passion for teaching, the ability to be flexible, the gift of patience and a desire to continue learning.

“Mrs. Richardson was an excellent educator, I believe one needs a passion for the profession. A teacher needs to love what they are doing and freely accept the rewarding feeling that comes with it. 

“A person who has a passion for education will work their hardest and strive to see the children achieve, not because it shows they have done their job well, but to show that the children have gained new knowledge and will grow from it.

“Mrs. Richardson let her passion be exhibited, and it shined through in each and every lesson she taught. 

“Her passion sparked positive initiative in her students. There was no denying in her ability to inspire students to never give up.”