Look away! Dixie Land

Tim Delaney photo The Refugio school district board of trustees faced a crowded cafeteria Tuesday night. The board unanimously voted 7-0 to retire the school fight song Dixie because of its racist implications and hurt brought to students.

REFUGIO – In a complete reversal of its first vote to keep the Refugio Bobcats fight song, the RISD trustees voted unanimously to retire the song: Dixie.

The school board had voted 5-2 to keep the song in November.

But the vote Tuesday night was 7-0 to retire the song.

“It was not our intention to do anything offensive to students in the classroom,” said board President Andy Rocha.

“We want these kids to have the best they can get,” he added.

Trustee Jorge Jaso, who voted to retire the song in November said the other board members did not realize the magnitude of the issue.

He added that they were perceived as racists on social media. But they are not.

Numerous people crowded into the school cafeteria for the one-item agenda.

And numerous people voiced their opinion – some for keeping the song, but the majority for retiring it.

Refugio student and president of the National Honor Society Levander LaFond called the song “horrendous.”

“What credible information is there to keep it?” he questioned.

LaFond said the song is hurtful emotionally and mentally.

Malcolm Franklin, from the class of 2013, posed the question, “What is the issue? Past, present...”

“It is a lot more complicated than it needs to be,” he said.

A citizen Julie Wallace said the issue was tradition vs. progress.

She pointed out that many good traditions have been missing at Refugio High School, but Dixie was  not one of them.

Tim Delaney is the Refugio editor at the  Advance-Guard Press and can be reached at 361-526-2397, or at refugio@mySouTex.com.