REFUGIO – Refugio High School has released the names of students who received awards and recognition for their academic achievements during the 2019–2020 school year. The awards were to be presented at the Academic Awards Assembly which had been planned for April 23.

Class awards 

English I – Anna Lopez; English I Honors – Kristal Rodriguez; Sociology/Psychology – Levander LaFond; English II – Alejandra Fernandez; English II Honors – Kyle Walker; English III – Anay Martinez; English III Honors – Leslie Velasco; English IV – Jaden Hubbarad; Creative/Practical Writing – Chasity Vasquez; Geometry – Lia Ramirez; Math Models – Tracelyn Ross; Algebra I – Kaylor Freeman; Algebra II – Michael Rocha; Pre–Calculus – Chloe Boxell; Physics – Reyna Gallegos, Environmental Systems – Diego Jimenez; IPC – Tyson Moorefield; Biology – Kaden Brown; Chemistry – Jordan Kelley; Chemistry Honors – Bradyn Meza; Anatomy & Physiology – Alexis Boyd; World History – Isabella Coscetti; Spanish I – Anna Lopez; Spanish II – Yahir Placencia; Economics – Levander LaFond; Government – Nallely Cordero; U.S. History – Alex Ramirez; World Geography – Caleb Hesseltine; Health – Alondra Placencia; Art I – Daniel Quesada; Art II – Kristal Rodriugez, Theatre Arts I – Austin Ochoa; Theatre Arts II – Daniella Coronado; Principles of Construction – Kyle Walker; Construction Technology I – Ty LaFrance; Construction Technology II – Nathan Meza; Livestock Production – Delainey Jones; Ag Systems Design and Fabrication – Grainger Foss; Ag Mechanics – Javier Ontiveros; Principles of Ag – Jeisen Melio; Advanced Cabinet Making – Ysidro Mascorro.

Outstanding seniors

The faculty of RHS nominated Chloe Boxell, Julianna Castellano and Colton Hesseltine as nominees for the Refugio County Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Senior designation. Julianna Castellano was selected as the RHS outstanding senior at the chamber’s banquet in February.

President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence

Chloe Boxell received the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. This award is earned by seniors who have accumulated a 90 or above grade point average and score in the top 15 percent of the nation on the overall or composite score of the SAT or ACT. 

UIL Scholar Award

The University Interscholastic League Scholar Award was created to recognize and honor those students who have shown the ability and demonstrated the discipline necessary to perform academically and yet participate in extracurricular activities. It goes to graduating seniors who are in the top 10 percent of their class and have also participated in at least one UIL activity during their high school years.

Receiving the UIL Scholar Award were Chloe Boxell, Julianna Castellano, Daniella Cordero, Nallely Coronado and Colten Hesseltine.

Dual credit

Students recognized for earning dual credit hours through Victoria College or Coastal Bend College were Chloe Boxell – 60, Julianna Castellano – 39, Nallely Cordero – 27, Daniella Coronado – 24, Ember Glocar – 30, Colten Hesseltine – 33, Thomas Keyes – 12, Levander LaFond – 9, Heaven Lewis – 18, Ysidro Mascorro – 9 and Robert Montalvo – 15.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence Awards were received by Hailey Andrade, Thomas Andrade, Luke Arzola, Alyssa Carvajal, Ashanti DeLeon, Kaylor Freeman, Rieve Garza, Caleb Hesseltine, Sabrina Kennedy, Blake Koonce, Angelica Lopez, Anna Lopez, Lukas Meza, Peyton Oliver, Kristal Rodrigez, Cristian Zavala, Savannah Armstrong, Gabriela Arredondo, Presleigh Barber, Ashanti Brown, Konner Brown, Romel Brown, Trinity Carabajal, Autumn Castellano, Isabella Coscetti, Alanna DeLeon, Nancy Delgado, Abigail Duncan, Hollie Eads, Alejandra Fernandez, Kaitlyn Garcia, Stacy Gomez, Jordan Kelley, Hayden LaFrance, Ty LaFrance, Carol Lucero–Moreno, Jeisen Melio, Bradyn Meza, Mia Olbera, Javier Ontiveros, Alondra Plascencia, Anamelia Ramirez, Michael Rocha, Krischelle Rodriguez, Maria Ruiz, Salma Salazar, Alexander Sanchez, Brenna Sims, Christopher Thomas, Dylan Valenzuela, Chasity Vasquez, Kyle Walker, Makenzie Wills, Mallory Wise, Sarah Wright, Kiera DeLeon, Isabella Delgado, Benjamin DeNava, Isaac Flores, Reyna Gallegos, Niyha Green, Jai’lin King, Celeste Lara, Jakub Lee, Jasmin Lopez, Anay Martinez, Nathan Meza, Ignacio Montejano, Elias Morris, Madison Moya, Josclyn Olbera, Landon Parson, Ethan Perez, Yahir Placencia, Luke Solomon, Leslie Velasco, Madison Wills, Zavien Wills, Daniel Bailey, Dillon Bailey, Chloe Boxell, Alexis Boyd, Corbin Brown, Julianna Castellano, Nallely Cordero, Daniella Coronado, Michael Firova, Naaji Gadsden, Jarren Gonzales, Shelby Hajek, Colten Hesseltine, Jaden Hubbard, Diego Jimenez, Delainey Jones, Jared Kelley, Thomas Keyes, Jada King, Levander LaFond, Josedavid Leal, Heaven Lewis, Jordy Martinez, Ysidro Mascorro, Robert Montalvo, Austin Ochoa, Mikaila Rosas, Tracelyn Ross and Devan Skrobarcek.

To receive an Academic Excellence award students must be enrolled in courses which meet the advanced high school program and have a average of 90 or higher including scores from the first through fourth six weeks periods.