WOODSBORO – Residents of Woodsboro will have a chance to keep more money in their community if they approve a sales tax election on the Nov. 3 ballot, or during early voting through Oct. 13-30.

The amount of sales tax money paid by customers would remain the same, however, the town of Woodsboro would get to keep a larger portion of these taxes instead of sending that money to the state.

“There is money that is leaving our community that we could spend here to make street repairs, upgrade water lines and sewer lines,” said Woodsboro Mayor Kay Roach. “There are repairs that haven’t been made because we just didn’t have the money.”

Because Woodsboro hasn’t been receiving the full amount of sales tax funds it is entitled to — a local election is required in order to achieve that — Roach said the town has “lost over $725,000 and that money was instead sent to the state.”

With new businesses in the community, including the opening of a Dollar General store in Woodsboro earlier this year, there is an opportunity for even more benefit from sales tax proceeds, she said.

“Other communities, including Refugio, are already keeping this tax money in their communities and that helps them with different repairs,” Roach said. “This would give us an opportunity to do the same thing.

“If you want stuff fixed, you either pay for it out of pocket or set aside funds from tax proceeds. We don’t have the same revenue that other cities do. This would help provide more funds for our community.”


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