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One of my uncles was an alcoholic. Actually there were two of my mother’s brothers who were addicted to alcohol. 

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Dogs have a long evolutionary history with humans, but dogs talking to us is new and surprising. We knew that dogs were smart, especially when their welfare was involved. But while dogs may have the brain power, they do not have the vocal structures to allow them to speak to humans. 

Hello Frio! My name is Duke, and I live in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I have seen pictures of you in the Bee-Picayune along with your columns. I look just like you, with orange and white stripes, but my fur’s a little lighter colored, and I have a little more heft… ok fine, I’m pretty chubby. A…

Sometimes, I feel like Hollywood screenwriters are holed up in their lush apartments like “The Real World” or “Jersey Shore,” with no access to telephone or internet.

The demand for me to share with all of my fortunate readers  a few selections of my words of Kat-Wisdom has been purrsistent and meowingful. After pondering on the vast number of very important Kat-Knowledge I could and should share, I narrowed the list down to a few of the most important ob…

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Writers face, at different times, something called, writer’s block. Writer’s block is that mental condition when the writer cannot start, further or finish their writing. 

There is no reason for me to believe that any of you humans really, I mean really know how to accurately  translate Kat to Kat communications.

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