Sinton – During a routine perimeter check at the San Patricio County Jail, investigator Austin Tucker caught Michael Bentancur, 35, of Mathis attempting to sneak in contraband on July 14.

Bentancur was tossing a plastic bottle over the fence toward the recreational area wall. 

The wall is located on the north side of the building with the fence being 14 to 16 feet tall. 

Sheriff Oscar Rivera stated that even though the wall is covered, inmates will try to fish for the contraband tossed towards the fence.

“There’s a concrete wall there, and there’s a sheet metal (that goes) up to the top. But they’ll climb the fence all the way to the top, and they’ll try to fish whatever they can,” Rivera said.

“And they may not get it, but that’s why that bottle has string on it so they have an easy way to attach to it and lift it up.”

According to Rivera, Individuals attempting to sneak in contraband over the fence often drive to the side of the road and toss it over. 

In a Facebook post, he noted, “We routinely conduct perimeter checks outside the jail complex to ensure safety and security.”

“Checking the perimeter is like playing a game of cat and mouse,” the sheriff said.

In just this week alone, there have already been three attempts made to toss contraband over the fence, Rivera added.

He said that the facility plans to modify the recreational area. 

The bottle Bencatur threw over the fence contained marijuana and synthetic drug products. He has since been arrested and is now charged with a felony.