The  overpass over the SH 188 roadway on the U.S. Highway 181/State Highway 89 route saw a major milestone last week with massive concrete beams going up, causing some traffic issues for those trying to get to Rockport. Work began on the more than $15 million Sinton overpass project in January and is scheduled to be completed on July 6, 2020. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), this project constructs an overpass over the State Highway 188 roadway on the U.S. Highway 181/State Highway 89 route. This is an interesting roadway naming cluster at this location because State Highway 89 begins at this intersection and continues to U.S. Highway 77. U.S. Highway 181 turns to the west, into Sinton, while State Highway 188 goes east/west and overlaps with U.S. Highway 181 in Sinton. The overpass will consist of two 12-foot lanes, four feet inside shoulders, a median in the middle and 10-foot  shoulder on the outside.

The raised mural on the side of the new overpass in Sinton pays homage to Sinton’s history of ranching and cattle drives which took place early in the city’s rich history. The raised designs will eventually be painted once construction is complete.