Charges could be filed in shooting of 3-year-old Mathis boy

MATHIS – A 3-year-old child from Mathis was clinging to life after being shot in the neck last Thursday. The boy was at home, and there were others inside as well.

“It it appears to be an accidental shooting,” Mathis Interim Police Chief Scott Roush said.

The police chief said that while they are still investigating the shooting, it appears there’s some child endangerment issues involved, and the department met with the district attorney’s office early this week.

“We’re still kind of piecing everything together,” Roush said. “But preliminary, that’s what it looks like.”

The boy was transported to Driscoll Children’s Hospital after the shooting and remains there.

The police chief said that the last he heard the child was in stable condition but still undergoing numerous operations.

“Right now they’re concerned that the bullet might have hit a part of his spine. 

“So he’s lucky to be alive.”