SAN PATRICIO COUNTY – One of the most heated races this election will be for two San Patricio County Commissioner seats; Precinct 1 being vacated as Nina Trevino announced her retirement earlier this year and Precinct 3 currently held by Democratic incumbent Alma Villarreal Moreno.

For Pct. 1, Republican William “Ski” Zagorski  and Democrat Sonia Lopez are running. For Pct. 3, Republican Lilly Wilkinson and Democrat Moreno.

The News of San Patricio reached out to all candidates and provided a questionnaire but only Zagorski delivered a reply.

Zagorski enlisted in the US Navy after graduating high school and ended up retiring after 24 years of service.

He then became a certified nuclear power component power plant welder and instructor for four years. On top of that, Zagorski is also a certified chemical biological and radiological specialist as well as a certified disaster specialist ashore just to name a few. 

When asked what sets him apart from opponent Lopez, he replied, “I have built a bridge (County Road 60 B in Old San Patricio) and over 18 miles of roads in San Patricio County. I completed 26 years with the county and retired as a department head for emergency management, parks, safety, 911 addressing, flood plain administrator and building permits – all positions held at one time.”

He added that he had completed all yearly budgets well under budget and can operate all of the equipment within the precinct, from back-hoe to loaders, tractors, brush hogs, shredders and trucks.

Zagorski was asked how he planned to improve the position of Precinct 1 San Patricio County Commissioner and he said, “The precinct needs to rebuild the roads after 32 years of neglect. I intend to work with the cities in the precinct, as well as the other precinct commissioners, to make Precinct 1 great.”

He added that he has yet to meet Gregory or Aransas Pass citizens who actually know their commissioners name.  Zagorski said he plans to change that by holding public town hall meetings (or virtual meetings if necessary) because he values the public’s input. 

“The county will grow by leaps and bounds in the next 10 years and it needs to be guided smartly with citizen input.”                              



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