Commissioners nominate GCGV for double jumbo enterprise project

San Patricio County Judge David Krebs listens to a presentation given be Gulf Coast Growth Ventures representative Ernest Chapa to nominate the company as a double jumbo enterprise project. 


SINTON – A public hearing was held during commissioners court on Oct. 28 to consider an order nominating Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) for a double jumbo enterprise project designation under the Texas Enterprise Zone program.

In the order provided to the court, it states that GCGV requests the county to nominate them to the Economic Development Bank in the Office of Governor Economic Development and Tourism Divisions for designation as an enterprise project.

The order also states that the county finds GCGV meets the criteria for designation as an enterprise project under the Texas Government Code on the following grounds:

“GCGV is a ‘qualified business’ under Section 2303.402 of the Texas Government Code since it will be engaged in the active conduct if a trade or business at a qualified business site in the County, located outside of an enterprise zone, and at least thirty five percent (35%) of the business’ new permanent jobs at the qualified business site will be held by enterprise zone residents, economically, disadvantaged individuals, or veterans; and

“There has been and will continue to be a high level of cooperation between public, private, and neighborhood entities within the county; and

“The designation of GCGV as an enterprise project will contributed significantly to the achievement of the plans of the county for development and revitalization of the area.”

The county also would direct and designate San Patricio County Judge David Krebs as its liaison to oversee, communicate and negotiate with the project.

The county judge opened the hearing and the presentation was then led by GCGV representative Ernest Chapa. 

Chapa stated that GCGV was interested in the Texas Enterprise Zone program.

“The program is designed to promote economic development and job creation in areas like San Patricio County,” said Chapa. 

The GCGV representative then explained if nominated as a double enterprise project, there are requirements to be met by the company.

“As part of the program, it is required that San Patricio County nominate GCGV as an enterprise project, more specifically as a double enterprise project, which means it has certain requirements to be met, which is $150 million minimum in capital expenditure, along with at least for up to 500 news jobs,” Chapa said.

“Once the destination occurs, GCGV has five years to reach requirements, expansion requirements and job creation, average time, the Texas comptroller will verify those results and allow GCGV to apply for a sales tax refund.”

After Chapa’s presentation was over, Judge Krebs then asked for public comments. One audience member asked if the county was engaged in any other enterprise projects. 

Governmental affairs/public information officer and legal counsel support for commissioners court Desiree Voth responded by saying the county did nominate one project and explained more about designations the county held.

“In September, you guys, the county, got your whole new designations,” Voth explained. “The county has six designations, so this will cost us two more designations; that means we have four designations left for the next two years.

“As far as the cost, you’re losing designations, you’re not losing tax revenue or anything like that. The only thing that the state offers back to this company would be their sales tax.”

With no more public comments on the matter, the judge closed the hearing at 9:08 a.m.

Commissioners then approved the order to nominate the company as a double jumbo enterprise project. 

To view the entire order, visit and click on the website’s public notices and news to view Oct. 28’s agenda. 

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