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Legend demonstrating how the new bike lines in Portand will look and operate. 

Cyclists will soon be able to navigate the city of Portland a little safer as the installation of several new bike lanes began recently. 

According to the city, a comprehensive plan is being maintained to ensure Portland “develops responsibly and reasonably,” which includes the installation of pedestrian and bicycle connections between residential neighborhoods, parks, schools, public administrative facilities, and other activity centers, all the while utilizing hiking and biking trails already in place. All of this is in an effort to connect residential areas with schools and parks. 

“The recent addition of bike lanes to our city streets not only improves the safety of both motorists and cyclists,” said Portland Mayor Cathy Skurow, “but it also puts us one step closer to completing our comprehensive bike-path master plan.”

The city warns that the new bike lanes might be unfamiliar and to use caution throughout construction. 

Upon completion, the bike lanes will feature three white lines with a white bicycle symbol and an arrow nestled between the lines, pointing the direction cyclists should tavel. A thicker white line parallel to thinner line to help motorists and cyclists maintain at least three feet from each other. 

The city also cautions drivers and cyclists alike to always stay alert. 

“Our citizens are looking for activities to improve their quality of life and place and these bike paths add to that initiative,” Mayor Skurow added. “The city of Portland is fortunate that this initiative has primarily been funded by grant dollars.”

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