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The proposed courthouse annex building will begin construction next year and is scheduled to be completed in 2024. 

With the county moving forward to build it’s new $40-plus million 80,000 square foot courthouse and annex on 11 acres of land in Sinton, timelines have been set in place for both projects.

San Patricio County engineer John Hernandez said the annex bid date is Sept. 15, 2022, with construction to be completed February 2024 with the final move-in date set for March 2024.

The new courthouse annex building will house the county and district courts of law with five courthouses; one with a 125-person capacity and the others with approximate capacities of 50 to 75.

Hernandez said the county will award the bid for courthouse project in April 2024 and it will be completed in April 2025 with a move-in date set for June 2025.

“So from today it will be approximately about a four-year deal,” Hernandez said. “This project schedule will be updated as work progresses.

“We call it our Fund 25,” Krebs said addressing how the county would pay for the projects. “Me and (SPC County Auditor David Wendel) created a fund during my first budget that would set aside so much a year that gets deposited for larger, unforeseen projects throughout the county.

“There is also money set aside from local industry who pay fees as they grow and gets set aside for projects like the courthouse annex.”

Officials also said they would be seeking historical grants for the courthouse renovation.

“It’s a pretty aggressive schedule and they were pretty positive they could stay on it,” Krebs added. “But once we get (the courthouse) under construction, we have to find somewhere to go. 

“We may be out in the parking lot,” he joked, “we just don’t know.”


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