County issues 90-day burn ban

San Patricio County Fire Marshal Steven Loving informs county commissioners about the need for a 90-day burn ban which has now been issued across San Pat County.

SINTON  – With temperatures hitting record highs, brush fires will soon be popping up all over the county.

To get ahead of the curve, county commissioners on Monday issued a 90-day burn ban for San Patricio County.

San Patricio County Fire Marshal Steven Loving said that if anyone or any business has exemptions for any outdoor burning, they still have to contact him, and he has to do a site inspection to ensure that fire protection is provided.

Another issue area counties are facing is trailer and mechanical fires. Pulling a trailer with a chain hanging loose can cause sparks, setting dry brush along the roadways ablaze, and is a real concern in and around the county.

“If you look to Beeville and Aransas County they’re taking off quite fast,” Loving said. “So much so that the Texas Forest Service actually placed a bulldozer strike team in Bee County.

“And so far, due to the call volume, they’re going to continue to be in Bee County. So our nearest one typically would be in Fredericksburg or Edinberg. 

“Our wildland fire season is taking off. And it’s taking off quickly.”

Bee County firefighters were called to several grass fires that started along U.S. Highway 59 a few miles west of Beeville on Sunday.

Six grass fires had been started on the south side of the highway just east of FM 1349, and the fires quickly spread through the dry grass and ignited a number of large, round hay bales just inside the fence.

Units from the Texas A&M Forest Service and from the George West Volunteer Fire Department arrived to assist units from the Beeville Volunteer Fire Department.

Loving said nothing serious has happened yet as far as fires, but he wanted to place the burn ban in effect before anything does.

He said he does have a handshake deal with some of the area construction companies that have bulldozers and construction gear that could help in case of a large fire, but nothing in writing.