During San Patricio County Health Authority Dr. James Mobley’s COVID-19 report to commissioners last week,  he was pleased to announce that, throughout the state of Texas, patient numbers and hospitalizations were down.

Also, the county’s COVID positivity rate dropped from 18.7% in August to 12.3% in September.

“We’ve been steadily coming down since the 11th of September and the county judge and I talked on Friday and discussed coming down from Case Red to Case Amber, but we both said let’s just give it one more week to make sure,” Mobley said. “If things continue the way they are I anticipate probably changing it to Case Amber.”

He explained that the case colors would change some isolation numbers. If it goes down to amber, those who come in contact with someone who tested positive with COVID-19 or if someone tests positive themselves with COVID-19, they would only need to isolate for 10 days instead of 14.

He also added that the vaccinations numbers are coming up, just a little slower than he would like. Currently the numbers are rising by 1%. Mobley said that in order to get a grasp on the virus, the county would need to hit 70% of residents vaccinated. At the current rate, it would be around December before that happens.

To help boost those numbers, Mobley has created a COVID-19 postcard contest for any county resident under the age of 18. He has also enlisted the help of Mr. Kippy to spread the word in local schools.

“My theory here is that if we do a mass mailing to all the residents of San Patricio County encouraging them to get the vaccine, maybe we can pump that 1% up to 2% or 3%.”

Winners will receive Walmart gift cards for $50 and $25.

The deadline to enter is Oct. 28, and the sheets have been given to all county students, but can be picked up and dropped off at county public libraries or Judge Krebs’ office at the Sinton Courthouse.


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