The Gregory-Portland Education Foundation recently awarded five scholarships totaling $5,500 to graduates from the G-PISD class of 2021. 

Blake Giannamore was the recipient of the Dr. Paul Clore Scholarship for $1,000. The scholarship is awarded each year  to a student who will attend a trade school in the fall, and participated in at least three activities or programs with a focus on developing leadership and public service skills.

Gavin Hughes received the $500 Anna and Gloria Perez Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship awards a G-PISD graduate who had attended Stephen F. Austin Elementary School. 

Miriam Lumbreras received a $2,000 scholarship in honor of former T.M. Clark Elementary teacher Lydia Cochran. 

Sunni O’Neill was the recipient of the Sgt. John Wayne Russell Memorial Scholarship. The $1,000 scholarship is given in honor of former G-P graduate Russell, who “proudly gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. Army.”

O’Neil also received the $1,000 Voestalpine Texas Trade Scholarship. 

As a proud member of the G-P Education Foundation board of directors, Superintendent Michelle Cavazos explained that the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serves and supports students and teachers in the district through grants for innovative classroom programs and scholarships for district students. 

“These awards are provided thanks to generous donors in our community and awarded through a blind review process – giving every student a fair and equal chance at receiving an award based on their qualifications and essay submissions,” Cavazos said. 

“This year’s award winners represent some of the best and brightest G-P alumni who are beginning their college and trade school careers this fall and who no doubt will do amazing and incredible things for our community as they continue on to higher education.”


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