Corpus Christi – The 2019 Corpus Christi Comic Con kicked off this past weekend at the American Bank Center with tons of comic book, film and TV stars making their way to the coast – many for the first time.

In a sea of geek fandom, many of the special guests found their fans eager to speak to their loyal followers like voice actress, TV star and podcaster Janet Varney who made her way to the coast for the first time during comic con.

“It’s been great so far,” Varney said. “Everyone’s real sweet so I’m getting a nice slice of Texas.”

She said that when she arrived in Corpus Christi for the comic con she took a walk down to the USS Lexington because it reminded her of the World War II battleship ship Jeremiah O’Brien in San Francisco where she grew up.

“I think that’s just so fascinating,” Varney added, “but the con hours are too long so I may have to come back to tour it one day.”

And while this was her first time in Corpus Christ, she is no stranger to Texas.

“I’ve been to spend a lot of time in Austin and my fiance’s family is from San Antonio,” she said. “So I love I love South Texas. I’ve got a soft spot for the hill country on down.”

While personally being a fan of the FXX television show “You’re the Worst” where Varney plays the very incredulous sister Becca Barbara to the lead female character Gretchen, she’s also part of a popular ensemble podcast that’s currently on the air.

“I’ve got a podcast that I love with Felicia Day (“Supernatural”) and Colton Dunn (“Superstore”) called “Voyage to the Stars” which is a space comedy podcast,” Varney said. “I play a ship’s A.I. that maybe doesn’t like humans very much and is very sarcastic and is super fun. So that’s kind of the thing I’ve been working on the most because we just started recording our second season.”

She also threw in some tidbits about working on the highly underrated TV show “You’re the Worst.”

“It was so fun to work on,” she added. “This stuff that they were writing was like, every time you got the script it was like, ‘What’s it going to be?’

“And everything you could imagine happened.”