Gregory-Portland seniors recently entered into the next phase of their lives. Those who spent the last four years at G-PISD entered into high school only to face Hurricane Harvey then spend their last year learning virtually then attend school only to have to cruise the hallways in a mask.

But no matter what the adversity, they made it and strutted their stuff and left high school life behind on May 21.

“Since becoming your very proud superintendent last July, I found that there’s a lot to be thankful for here in G-PISD,” ,” G-PISD Superintendent Michelle Cavasos said. “Near the top of that list is the exceptional outreach and support of our parents, family members and the G-P community. 

“This support has been evident to me through collaboration with some truly outstanding leaders who serve on the Gregory-Portland ISD Board of Trustees.

“Thank you to all of these individuals for the leadership they provide, or have provided, to our school district and for every one of the graduating seniors here tonight on our field.”

Salutatorian Carter Smith took to the podium and said, “As I stand here before you I can’t help but think that there’s absolutely no way I would have made it here alone. I’m standing here because of the love and support that I’ve received from so many people in my 18 years of life, it would be nearly impossible to thank them all in these few minutes.”

He was followed by valedictorian Bella Rose Barter who thanked the school board, administration and teachers for their hard work during a very tumultuous school year.

“We appreciate you for trying to make our senior year as normal as possible,” she continued. 

“After Harvey our freshman year, we learned how quickly things can change. We learned to adapt to our circumstances and come together as a class and community to support one another. We picked up the pieces and kept moving forward.

“Now as seniors we are over a year into this pandemic on a much larger scale. We have once again experienced how quickly things can change. We’ve come together, yet again, – well, at least 6 feet apart this time – but we have adapted to our new circumstances and continue to push forward.

“When the world seemed to stop. We didn’t let this pandemic stop us. We all made it here to graduation. We all continued to make plans for whatever challenges life has coming our way.

“Class of 2021 will be ready for them and nothing can stop us.”


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