SAN PATRICIO COUNTY – County food pantries have a lot more to give these days as some residents are still unable to get back to work and families are in need of assistance. 

As part of Gulf Coast Growth Ventures’ (GCGV) effort to reach out into local communities, employees raised more than $20,000 to help stock San Patricio County food pantries. 

GCGV ended their donations by visiting GracePoint Church in Portland, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Ingleside and the Salvation Army in Portland.

“So we passed the hat around on the site – we have about 2,600 people on site – and we got some other companies involved and raised some money and, ultimately, within two weeks, got over $20,000,” GCGV Senior Project Manager Joe Carey said in a recent interview. “Then we went to (the Portland) H-E-B and gave all that money to them and got as many groceries as we could.”

Overall, GCGV were able to deliver food to seven county food pantries from Portland all the way to Port Aransas and Ingleside. Delivery of the food items was coordinated by GCGV to the seven local food pantries based on specifics of what items were in need at each pantry.

“We are really, really pleased with the generosity of the workers on site like the welders, the pipe fitters, the electricians, the instrument men, the laborers, the scaffold builders – their generosity to reach into their own pockets and contribute from their own paychecks to help out the neighbors and friends that we have in our local communities has been great,” Carey said. “We really feel like we are obligated to give back to the community, and we want to do that from a number of standpoints because we want to be part of the community.”

Paul Gonzales is a reporter at The News of San Patricio and can be reached at 361-364-1270, or by email at


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