Has Bigfoot been seen stomping around San Pat?

Balde Galvan says this casting is of a print left behind by bigfoot. Reports of this creature continue to come in. BBC crews will film a documentary on the stories of these sightings soon.

BEEVILLE –  Everyone has heard the legend of Bigfoot. To some, it is a myth, to others the creature is out there. What if it’s it in our own backyard?

Bigfoot researcher Baldemar Galvan, a resident of Beeville, says the creature is no stranger to South Texas. 

Galvan said he first encountered the creature while working at ranch north of Bee County.

While patrolling the area with a friend and heading back to the ranch for lunch, something grabbed Galvan’s attention.

“Something caught my eye on the right of the sendero (path),” said Galvan. “It was black and hairy, but didn’t have any hair around its eyes. I looked at it sideways, just staring. I knew it wasn’t a guy in a ghillie suit.”

“I get off my truck, there was a pipeline on the other side so I decided to go towards the pipeline and then as soon as I passed the area  where this thing was standing, a strong whiff hit me. It smelt like wet dog and rotten eggs.”

 “I kept going towards the pipeline, looking in both directions to see it cross and I never saw it cross.”

After the experience, Galvan was determined to find the truth. He began to contact some “old-timers” in the area, when he was then put in touch with Mr. Richard Rabe. 

Rabe claims to also have seen Bigfoot before and taken photos of what he believes to be a primitive shelter built by the creature.

From there Galvan and Rabe held the first Bigfoot meeting. 

“The first meeting, six people showed up with all these stories of stuff that has happened since 1924,” said Galvan.

He said from there, the local media got involved, even gaining attention from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Additionally, Galvan has recorded a documentary about Native Americans and Bigfoot that is set to come out sometime this year.

Despite having numerous sightings recorded in Bee County, that is not the only area in which Bigfoot has been spotted.

In fact, Galvan said there have been sightings within the county, mainly along the Nueces River. 

“What the creature does is it basically follows the rivers and creeks,” he said. “I’ve heard a lot of stories about people who have gone fishing and have heard a real strange yell or scream or actually seen something down the river or something even taking their fish that they catch.”

Galvan commented with it being deer hunting season, Bigfoot has been known to take deer as well.

“People shoot the deer, and then, lo and beyond, it runs into the brush,” said Galvan. “The hunters wait for a few minutes and get their deer and it’s gone. The only thing left is the blood. Even then they try to follow the blood trail but can’t find anything.”

It has happened to a lot of hunters, including himself, Galvan commented.

“The reason why that is, especially down here, is because of the hog activity,” he said. “There’s so much to food here to eat.”

Gabriel Guerrero, with South Texas Bigfoot Investigations, has map pinning where sightings have occurred. They span Bee County but also Karnes, Refugio, San Patricio and Goliad counties as well.

The distance between sightings leads some to believe that there must be more than one.

“In the Pettus area, somebody saw one that was around four foot tall and another person in George West took a photo of one that was maybe 4 or 5 feet tall,” said Galvan. “The one I saw was an 8- or 9-footer. 

“There was man in Tuleta that actually saw two creatures. What was significant about this sighting was he saw one of the creatures have a white patch on his chest. No one else has recorded seeing that before but this man did.” 

Despite numerous sightings and evidence collected by Galvan and the Bee County Bigfoot Research, there are still skeptics at hand.

“People have called me a nut,” Galvan said. “You’re going to have your people that says positive things about you and you’re going to have to people to say negative things about you.”

“It’s a part of putting it out there. My thing is educating the public.”

Galvan said he is surprised that not more people have shared their stories. But then again, he said, people might keep it to themselves to prevent being ridiculed.

“That’s the only thing that keeps this creature safe because nobody wants to talk about it.”

Galvan advises people if they see Bigfoot to, one, don’t shoot at it and, two, photograph for evidence. 

“Seeing Bigfoot is like winning the lottery, sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t.”

He hopes more people will share their stories about Bigfoot in the future.

AJ Lopez is the assistant editor at the News of San Patricio and can be reached at 361-364-1270 or at sanpatricio@mySouTex.com