Mathis Literary club exchanges more than gifts

Lynne Nelson, Marydele Porter, Ruth Gilleland and Pat Doherty enjoy the Mathis Literary Club Chirstmas program, Dec. 11.

MATHIS – On Dec. 11, the Mathis Literary Club met in the home of Jenie McCraw for the club’s annual Christmas program and gift exchange with McCraw, Jean Baen and Nancy Nelson hostessing. 

The hostesses served cheesecake with a choice of coffee or punch. There were 17 in attendance with four being guests, Jo Ann Jonas, Carolyn Henderson, Cheryl Miller and Vivian Johnson.

Each member came with a gift for a nursing home resident and an exchange gift.

Ruth Coffin introduced Cheryl Miller, the pianist, who then led the group in a sing-a-long of favorite Christmas carols.

Santa, who suspiciously looked like Cassie Nelson, came to assist in the handing out of gifts. Prior to that, Nelson led the group in a prayer of Thanksgiving with the plea of well-being for those in service to the United States both at home and abroad.

McCraw told the group that this was the 111th year that her home has seen a Christmas. Members took turns recounting favorite memories.

It saddened members to learn that Laura Karkoska would soon be moving to be closer to her children.