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Brookdale Northshore Senior Living Facility residents have been receiving cards for more than a month now and encourage anyone wanting to send messages of encouragement and hope to do so at 401 Northshore Blvd. Portland, TX 78374.

PORTLAND – With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to keep senior living communities closed to the public, Brookdale Northshore Senior Living Facility found a way to not only entertain their residents but let them know that in these troubling times, they are not forgotten.

Brookdale Northshore Sales Manager Kimberly Garza said that the Corpus Christi television show Coastal Living with Clarissa Serna got things started when they posted to social media asking for people to send cards to nursing homes and senior living communities.

“They kind of got it started for us, and then after that, we just kind of kept the momentum going as I went on calls to places like churches, where they started asking us too if they could send us cards,” Garza said. “We have an activity board when you first walk into the community and dining room. Anytime somebody send us a card we just put it up, and the residents have an opportunity to look at it and see what people say or read the encouraging words.

“It’s just been a nice little thing to get our residents interacting with people that they may not know or at least know that someone’s thinking of them.”

Garza said it’s been hard for the residents of Brookdale Northshore not being able to see their family for more than a month, so the cards are a way to keep them interacting in a safe way with people they may or may not know. She said that residents at the facility are independent and very active so staying in place for so long has been hard for them, but along with cards, they sometimes get new activities to keep them busy.

“I had a real estate agent send some encouraging words of motivation and then she included a recipe for some brownies at the bottom,” Garza added. “People can be very creative. Children have sent us little colored pictures that they drew out for them or pages that they’ve taken out of a coloring book that they colored for them saying things like, ‘We love you’, or ‘We’re thinking of you’, ‘Stay positive; this will all be over soon’ – just little things like that.”

Garza said in order to keep traffic down at the facility, the cards will need to be mailed and can be sent to 401 Northshore Blvd. Portland, TX 78374.

“If anyone wants to send a card we’d love to see them and let the residents see them and pass on the words of encouragement,” Garza continued. “It’s definitely been good to see people that may have never heard about us sending things to let the residents know they are thinking of them. It’s been really nice.”