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Milton “Charles” Ring Jr., was honored, July 14, as Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, District 11, Man of the Year in Agriculture by the Texas County Agriculture Agents Association. 

AMARILLO – Milton “Charles” Ring Jr., was recently recognized by the Texas County Agriculture Agents Association as the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, District 11,  Man of the Year in Texas Agriculture. Ring was on hand at the Association’s  State meeting in Amarillo on July 14, to accept his honor.

“Me and the wife drove to Amarillo to receive this award right in the middle of harvest and COVID and everything else,” Ring said. “My daughter didn’t want me to go, and I haven’t been going out much, but I said I’m going to this.

“We drove up there the day before and came back the day after and got right back to farming.”

Ring has been farming for 43 years and is gearing up to harvest his cotton crops this week. He said he farms with his brother, and now his son and nephew got into it – so it has become a family affair.

The “Man/Woman of the Year in Texas Agriculture” Awards program has been sponsored by the Texas County Agricultural Agents Association since 1962.

The members, directors and officers of the TCAAA said in a release that they are privileged to bestow this award to a small number of individuals in recognition of their outstanding leadership in agriculture, agribusiness and their support of educational program efforts of the County Extension Agents of Texas. Their unselfish service has contributed to improving the economic well-being and quality of life in their community, our state and our nation.

“I went to A&M and graduated in 1977 then came back and started farming, and I’ve worked with every county agent since then,” Ring added. “I’ve been at this a while so I guess they thought it was worthwhile to give me an award after all this time,” he laughed.

“I think the extension service is an important facet to what we do because when we need answers we go to them from the extension agents.”

He added that while he was in Armarillo, he got to tour the facilities and learn about the cattle cloning projects and visit with other county agents whom he hadn’t met before.

“It was neat to be honored by the county agents association,” Ring said. “I’ve worked with them nearly all my life. This is definitely something to be proud of, and I’m tickled to death. It was just a fantastic experience to be honored in such a way.

“I think we owe the county agents a great deal, and they don’t really get the recognition they deserve, so I’m accepting this on their behalf.”

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