SINTON – Residents of Sinton have joined forces to nominate their city to become one of the first small towns to be featured in the HGTV’s newest series, “Home Town Takover.”

A press release stated, “HGTV is set to take on an ambitious mission – and it will be the most impressive and massive renovation ever – a takeover to makeover an entire town. Ever since Ben and Erin Napier of the hit series “Home Town” helped transform Laurel, Mississippi, fans from small towns across America have flooded HGTV with requests to take on the reno of their home town.”

San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office Civil/Warrants Clerk Gloria Luna said Sinton resident Barbara Lopez saw the small town casting call online and shared it via Facebook. The two eventually called a meeting with the public to gather information and ideas on what areas to focus on to create a video for the submission.

Then the chamber of commerce got involved to lend a hand as things got rolling.

Chamber Director Lesley Sence said, “I really wanted to focus on the business district, because there are homes on each side, so if it’s cleaned up, it will create walkability and more parking spaces so people can walk around and just have a really nice downtown.

The three criteria the show is asking for is:

• Does it have a population of less than 40,000?

• Are there homes with great architecture longing to be revealed?

• Is there a main street that needs a facelift?

The answer to all of them is yes.

“We just talked about wanting to get the old downtown revitalized and showed them the things that need help,” Sence said about the already filmed video.

“We didn’t have a budget,” Sence added last week, “but Mike (Wyatt) from Wyatt  Aerial Photography was gracious enough to help us get it started.

“We went out and took all the aerial shots with a drone going out around there in several different locations. It’s coming together so we’ll get it edited and finished by Monday.”

“This is a big one,” Erin said in the release. “HGTV has never, ever taken on a whole town renovation and restoration project and we’re so proud and excited to be leading the team that will get it done.

“Show us those photos and videos. Tell us what makes your town special and how you’d like us to help make it better. You may see us in your town soon.”

Sence added, “I really want this town to get some help out here. I think all the small towns need that support.

“So I think this is pretty cool.”

With Ben and Erin leading the charge, the selected town will witness the rehab of multiple individual family homes and the revitalization of public spaces such as parks, local diners and recreation centers.

The town will be featured in “Home Town Takeover,” a six-episode series slated to premiere on HGTV in 2021.