Do residents believe that buildings can retain the essence of previous occupants? Is it possible that when alive, people become so fond of personal possessions that they remain ‘attached’ to them even after death? Can the essence of a person’s spirit get trapped repeating an activity like video in a loop?

Having visited the Taft Blackland Museum numerous times as a visitor and a volunteer, on Friday, Oct. 11, a rare opportunity was provided to be there at night. It seemed this would be a perfect time to investigate the various rumors about strange phenomenon.

A friend who claims to have psychic abilities was enlisted to be the medium during a private tour that consisted of the Museum Director Irma Cantu, Lynn Santos and myself. The medium will not be named in this article due to privacy concerns.

The medium had no prior knowledge of the historical origin of the building. She had actually never been to the building prior to the tour. During our time at the museum, no information was provided to her unless she asked a direct question, and answers were kept brief. Only Cantu had any specific knowledge of previously reported activities by other staff or visitors over the years.

None of these reports were relayed to the group or the medium.

The tour started on the first floor with the medium getting a feel for the place. The lights were then turned off, and with the exception of an occasional light from the flash of a camera, it was virtually pitch black inside.

We slowly and quietly moved behind the medium as she made her way between the exhibits and display cases. She would periodically stop and focus on a particular area where she claimed to feel an energy present, perhaps a temperature fluctuation, or in some cases, claimed to hear the entities speaking. The medium explained that she both hears and sees communication with entities in her head and that sometimes it’s just a feeling. Perhaps we all have the ability to hear and feel otherworldly entities and we just haven’t learned to listen yet.

As she wound her way through the first floor, she became focused on two areas.

In the first area, she claimed to interact with a female in her late 30s or early 40s. When near this lady, the medium felt that there was looping activity which appeared to mimic a hostess type behavior. Perhaps she worked in the building at one point.

In the second room, toward the back section of the building, she claimed there was a very strong presence of a young man. She claimed that he expressed confusion and surprise that the medium knew he was there and wanted to know why we were there and what were we doing?

As she returned to the front of the building, the medium felt drawn to the upstairs. The second floor had been closed to visitors for a period of time due to no air conditioning. For the most part we could enter all but a few smaller rooms which were cordoned off.

Once upstairs, she said she communicated with several entities.

The first she claimed was a little girl who had been reported by one previous museum visitor. Some years ago, the little girl was lost and was ‘looking’ for her mother. She claimed that the girl’s presence was very strongly felt.

A second entity, the medium claimed, seemed to have been a military-type individual who relayed information about his injuries. There was a particular name mentioned and Cantu later found information in reference to this name in a framed biography in a downstairs display case. 

By far, the most pronounced interaction of the evening occurred upstairs in what appeared to be a conference room. The medium claimed there was an entity who seemed to be a banker and did not hesitate to let us know females weren’t welcome. She claimed that he kept telling us to leave. While in this room, several of us saw orbs – non-aggressive manifestations of light energy that quickly appear and then dissipate. 

There was no access to light that could account for their appearance.

We returned to the first floor and she once again encountered the most persistent presence, the ‘lady’ who we previously thought was stuck in a residual loop. This time a suggestion was made to ask a business related question and see how the lady would react. The medium asked for assistance with a land purchase and the lady responded by directing her to the office where a person could help.

We decided to gather in the area where the security monitors are located to quietly observe if any activity without our presence could be detected and immediately began seeing activity in the form of orbs. This went on for at least 30 minutes before tapering off. Cantu kept insisting they were dust particles. 

We decided to call an end to the tour and to reflect on what we had experienced that night. Yet, one question remains to be answered … what did we detect?

Belief or disbelief is up to the individual.

Visit the museum to learn more about its history, that of the town and people and maybe even have an experience of your own. The Museum’s hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. 

One final thought … not all things are as they appear on the surface.

Personal beliefs and ideologies, past experiences and current situations can all affect our perception of a situation or environment at a particular given time. Tomorrow what was felt or detected today may not be the same. Perhaps a nonbeliever can be converted by a unique circumstance. 

But that’s another story for another time.

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