SINTON – Commissioners on Monday approved a landmark (or skymark) request for any airport in the region.

San Patricio County Airport Manager Gary Lee Davis was on hand to present a request for the creation of a paid intern at McCampbell-Porter Airport – the first of its kind for the county.

“We had some temporary money in the facility, and since there’s no airports around here that offer internships, what we would like to do is have an intern for a three month period – either a graduating high school senior or freshman in college – to go on and gain airport experience,” Davis said.

“This is to be everything from airport management and operations facilities, not just a person that’s going to go out and cut grass.”

Davis said that if the program is successful, he’d like to continue the program since no one in the immediate area currently has an internship program.

He also said that while there was an application process, with the program beginning on such short notice he couldn’t search nearby colleges but plans to in the future.

“What we’ll do in the future is also hit colleges and bring further internships down to here,” Davis added.

“We think it would be a great asset to the county in allowing us to do that. 

“Luxury airports do internships, and eventually they go on to succeed in other management and or aviation careers.”

So who is this new intern?

Recent Ingleside graduate Wyatt Griffith who lives in Ingleside by the Bay.

“He just graduated from Ingleside, and his primary focus is to be a pilot, which is admirable, but we want to make sure that interns understand that at some point if they do not pass a flight physical or other things, there is a future in aviation other than just being a pilot.”