First-time coordinator Robertson sets stage for something more than just a beauty pageant

At last year’s contest, 2018 San Patricio & Aransas County A&H Show Queen Megan Frerich places the crown on 2019 Queen Carrie Beth Clark.

This year 14 young ladies will be vying for the crown at the San Patricio Aransas County A&H Show Queen Contest. The contestants were nominated by their club or organization to serve as their representative at the show.

For first time A&H Show Queen Contest coordinator Stephany Robertson, who’s had two daughters in previous pageants, working on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show was quite the eye-opening experience.

“It’s been very interesting being on this side of it,” Robertson said.

“There’s a lot more time and preparation that goes into it than most people realize. They think the girls just get up on stage and smile and look beautiful.

“These are very smart, intellectual girls and they had to prepare for their interviews, they’ve all done a community service project and then had to present that platform to a panel of judges as well as find confidence in themselves to get on stage in front of people that they don’t know.”

She added that the contestants have been working since October on their community service platform presentation, interviews, scholarship fundraising and preparing for the competition. 

One of the newer aspects of the A&H Show Queen Contest is that the top winners will be receiving a scholarship. The contestants have been selling raffle tickets and will hold a Little Mister and Little Miss photogenic contest to raise funds for those scholarships.

And the contest isn’t just about young ladies preparing to stroll across the stage for one night. These are teens with full schedules who need to constantly prepare for every aspect of the contest.

“All of our girls have some sort of extracurricular activity that they’re involved in and we really do have a cream of the crop group of girls,” Robertson said.

“You have girls that go to state fairs, you have high performing athletes, obviously they either have projects in the barn that they’re spending a lot of time on or working on homemaking projects that are going to take time the week of the show.

“When you take them out of their regular comfort zone and put them in high heels on the stage and ask them questions about things they’re not used to speaking about publicly, it gives them a totally different level of confidence.”

Robertson added that even though the girls are used to competing against one another in sports or academic events, once they’re all together preparing for the Queen Contest, they become a sort of sisterhood and they learn team building and friendship – all while building up their confidence.

The big event will take place this Saturday, Jan. 11, at 5 p.m. in the Sinton High School Auditorium. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. and admission is $3.

“I came at it from a mom’s point of view and I saw what was important to me as a mom and what was important to my daughters and pushed to try and make it the best one that we can,” Robertson said. “I’m really excited about this for the girls and Saturday can’t get here fast enough for us.”