Gregory-Portland school district empowers students, parents, community

Gregory-Portland Independent School District Anonymous Alerts App is available to download from the Apple store and Google Play.

PORTLAND – The safety of students is always a priority in any school district. With this in mind, the Gregory-Portland Independent School District (G-PISD) unveiled a new system that allows students, parents and the community to report anonymously, on strange behavior, concerns or suspicious activity.

The app was unveiled last month in all of their seven school campuses. The app may be downloaded to any smart phone or tablet from the Apple store or Google Play.

The Anonymous Alerts app features one- or two-way, anonymous, encrypted communication between students, parents and community members to district personnel.

“We are strategically enhancing safety and security measures across the school district, including the Anonymous Alerts app,” said Paul Clore,  GPISD superintendent. “Students, parents and staff can use the app, or the ‘Anonymous Alerts’ website link on the home page of each campus website, to report a concern. Through this application, the person who reports can choose to remain anonymous and also engage in a two-way conversation with one of our administrators via messaging while maintaining anonymity.”

Clore said each report is reviewed by an administrator who follows up to verify whether the claim can be confirmed. 

“In some cases, this requires the administrator to use the app to communicate with the person who submitted the initial report and obtain more information (again, with the person who submitted maintaining anonymity if desired),” Clore said. “Our team uses any information available to determine what action, if any, needs to be taken. So far, a few reports have been submitted but only some of them were substantiated.”

Reports will be monitored between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the school year. Any reports received after hours will be reviewed the by the next scheduled school day.

“Our goal is to ensure that we are considering every possible option available to enhance school safety, and implementing measures found to be most effective for the benefit of all students and staff,” Clore said.  

“This app is just one of those enhancements, and because it provides everyone with a way to submit reports anonymously, we are able to remove any barrier that may have existed for students, parents and staff to share their concerns with us and report situations that we need to know about anywhere in the district.”

Clore added that  it is a community effort to ensure that our schools are as safe as possible.

“We need everyone willing and able to report to us when they see or hear something that might be of concern, so that we can address anything that needs to be addressed,” Clore said.

The district said false reporting will not be tolerated, and advises users not to use the system to report issues needing immediate assistance. In case of an emergency, users should call 911.

The app is available to anyone who downloads it and so are the website links on the home page of each campus website. Anyone can find more information, or submit a report, at

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