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The 2020 Census showed that Portland was the only city in San Patricio County to show growth over the last 10 years.

With 2020 Census data trickling in, it’s no surprise to see growth in one major San Patricio County city, while another one is sure to boast big numbers come 2030.

“The census is in,” Portland City Manager Randy Wright told city council members late last month. “Our new population according to the report is 20,383 as of April of last year.

“That is a huge difference from 2010. As a matter of fact, it’s far and away the largest growth rate of any community in the Coastal Bend.”

Portland boasted a 35% population increase from 2010’s 15,099. As far as counties in the Coastal Bend, San Pat showed a 6% overall growth rate compared to Nueces County which had a 4% increase.

“Given the number of cities in San Pat County that actually decreased in population, the actual increase in the county is attributed solely to Portland,” Wright said. “We were able to carry San Pat into a higher population just because of our growth rate here.”

The one population decrease of note is Sinton which dropped 3% from 5,665 to 5,504 since 2010. That figures to flip to an increase over the next 10 years as Steel Dynamics Inc. continues to expand its footprint and new housing projects sprout up throughout the area.

Mathis dropped from 4,942 to 4,715, Odem dropped from 2,389 to 2,360, Taft also dropped from 3,048 to 2,867 and Gregory went from 1,907 to 1,886.

“As you can see, some of the communities in both San Patricio and Nueces counties actually show lost population during that 10-year period,” Wright continued. “So we certainly had successful growth through that 10 year period. 

“I think we’re going to continue to see that growth through the next 10-year period.


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