Preparations needed for Steel Dynamics arrival

At Wednesday’s SPCEDC breakfast, executive director Foster Edwards gave updates from Steel Dynamics. The breakfast ends with a game to show how hard economic development is and to display its single digit percent success rate. A business card is drawn and an individual spins to win a prize amount on the wheel.

SINTON –  With Steel Dynamics, Inc. heading Sinton’s way, everyone is making sure that the city is prepared to meet the demand of the oncoming industry and its workers.

At the monthly San Patricio Economic Development (SPCEDC) Partner Breakfast, SPCEDC Executive Director Foster Edwards wanted to give an update from Steel Dynamics.

“I got an email from Steel Dynamics yesterday,” said Edwards. “They said ‘We would like to relocate a bunch of people to the Sinton area and we had some questions.’” 

The email asked for information regarding the school systems, health care veterinary care, including emergency clinics, child care, churches, fitness locations and restaurants.

Edwards said Sinton has some of those things but not all of them. 

“So we’re putting a list together and we’re going to get back to them,” said Edwards. 

“One of the reasons I wanted to mention this, if you have information that you’d like to share, you know, a daycare center, for example, that we may not know about, let us know.”

Edwards said for individuals to contact the SPCEDC to give them information regarding the area for Steel Dynamics.

One audience member at the breakfast discussed the importance of preparing for Steel Dynamic’s arrival.

Additionally, Edwards went on to thank the individuals and organizations who worked with Steel Dynamics to bring them to Sinton. 

“Give yourselves a hand, you did a great job,” said Edwards. 

While giving updates on the county, Edwards continued saying big things are coming our way. 

“Well, let me just say, other stuff’s going to happen. And the reason other stuff’s going to happen is because we are in such a sweet spot,” he continued. 

“Geographically, we’re close to a tremendous supply of oil and natural gas. We have a deep watered port. We have an excellent highway system.”

“I mean, just think about I-69 and we got I-37, I-77, and Highway 181, two which converge right here in the city.”

“We have rail. We have all these things that big industry wants.

“So we need to take advantage of the assets that we have.”