Sinton – Friends and fellow fosters gathered at Cavaleri’s Kitchen to honor and recognize local resident Ursula Harvey for her dedication to saving animals in Sinton.

After moving to Sinton 14 years ago, Harvey recalls having to move out of the city limit due to the amount of dogs she was fostering.

“So we found we had two weeks time to find land and a house. And there was a dog on the porch on a house we wanted to buy. And I thought, honey, this is just a sign. That’s the house we need to have there is already a dog abandoned,” Harvey said.

Despite relocating, Harvey continued to take in animals.

Dea Brite, a friend of Harvey and another animal foster, talked about Harvey’s daily routine. 

“She has her own personal obstacles to overcome but she’s still up at four in the morning, working and feeding. And if they’re sick, she’s up all night,” Brite said. “And yet, she continues to foster and save animals. And that really is what makes her an example to us.”

One obstacle Harvey has had to overcome was losing her home to a fire five years ago.

Having an abandoned house on her property allowed Harvey to relocate and still have time to take in animals. 

“We just had to move in and start all over again,” Harvey said. “It was it was a very hard time.”

Harvey takes in animals from all shelters and average in about 30 fosters at a time. She also has a quarantine area for dogs that are sick and have mange. 

While Harvey takes in as many animals as possible, she states it’s still not enough. 

“One of the things is we’re hoping to bring awareness to is fosters are really needed. We could save some more, so many more,” Brite said.

Having more people take the time and foster animals would help fosters that are already overwhelmed, Harvey said. 

Another goal Harvey and Brite are trying to accomplish is for Sinton to become a no-kill town.

“This has to change. Those animals have the right to shelter,” Harvey said.

At the restaurant, Sinton Chamber of Commerce Director Leslie Mora, council member Mary Speidel and Mayor Edward Adams presented Harvey with a certificate, thanking her for her dedication to saving animals. 

Along with the certificate, Brite presented Harvey a wagon full of dog food and other animal essentials for her fosters. Brite stated that all the material was donated by other fosters and shelters.