With several steel companies moving into the new Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) 2,500 acre campus in Sinton, the chamber of commerce decided to highlight one of the companies calling it their new home during their Strengthening Sinton with Steel luncheon last Thursday.

The company, which will be called Feralloy Corp./Acero Prime, is a partnership between Feralloy Corp. and Acero Prime, which are subsidiaries of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. Construction of the company’s building on the SDI lot is currently ongoing.

Feralloy Corp. is one of the country’s largest high volume steel processing companies and Acero Prime is one of Mexico’s most complete service centers providing integrated solutions in metal processing and logistics for manufacturing sectors, such as automotive, home appliance, lighting, HVAC, machinery and heavy equipment industries among others.

“We are really happy to be part of this growing community in Sinton Texas,” said Arturo Marroquin, the company’s general manager. “We are part of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., which is a publicly traded company and is the largest metal service center in North America.

“It operates in more than 300 locations in 40 different states in the U.S. and 13 countries outside the U.S. and has been in business for more than 80 years now.”

Marroquin made it clear that the company is not a steel or metal producer or even an end user. It is a service center that is in the middle of the steel supply chain.

“We are bringing volume to customers, to improve efficiency, to improve quality and reduce costs on the supply chain with solutions and the logistics and the processing services,” he added.

He said partnering with Feralloy Corp. will allow the company to serve the heavy equipment manufacturers, while also servicing the appliance and automotive customers in the region.

The company is also looking to start with 50 employees, but Marroquin said it would be closer to 90 once construction is complete and the company is up and running.

“So now, we’re finally here and we’re very excited about being located here in Sinton,” Marroquin said. “This is our largest investment and our largest facility in the history of the company. 

“We’re trying to match SDI’s strategy of reaching customers here in the Southwest, toward (the Western United States) and also in Mexico, so this is a huge facility and we believe with the support of this robust footprint we can bring much more value to our customers in the area.”


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