SINTON – Owner and founder of Adrian Michael Events, Adrian Alaniz has been selected as the Texas representative to help decorate the White House for the upcoming holiday season.

Adrian Michael Events specializes from fresh floral arrangements, creative homecoming mums, wedding/event design and much more.

“I have an event almost every weekend,” Alaniz said. “It’s my practice, and I’m getting better at what I do. We have weddings and quinceañeras pretty much every weekend, all year round.”

The young entrepreneur earned his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M at Kingsville in human science with a focus in fashion and interior merchandising. He established Adrian Michael Events in February 2017.

“We started this business when I was 22 years old, right out of college,” Alaniz said. “I opened this store back in February of 2017, and from there I’ve been decorating since.”

Alaniz said he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a young age.

“One day as I was driving down Sinton when I decided to stop by this shop because I’d seen a building up for rent,” he said. “So I decided to get a price on it, and I opened my own business up. From it’s opening in 2017, it has grown.”

The Sinton native learned about the opportunity to decorate the White House while reading a magazine in a doctor’s office. 

“I was at a doctor’s office last December where I saw a magazine,” Alaniz said. “In it I read about an experience from a lady who had the opportunity to decorate the White House out of Louisiana. She wrote about her experience, and it came out in a magazine.”

After reading about the Louisiana woman’s story, it inspired Alaniz to try and apply for the opportunity in January.

“From there, I received a letter from the White House in July,” he said. “The letter said that they did receive my application, and they appreciated my willingness to want to decorate the White House this year. The letter also stated they would be working on the applications and let me know more by Sept. 25.”

When Sept. 25 came, he received an email from the White House. More than 4,000 applicants had submitted an application, and more time was needed in order to review all the applicants. 

On Oct. 4, Alaniz received the confirmation that he had been selected to help decorate the White House this holiday season. He took to Facebook to write about receiving his notification. 

Alaniz wrote that he opened his store three years ago, never imagining that he would be where he is today. He thanked his loved ones and fellow community members for their support through the years, writing:

“Here I am three years later, and I have been blessed with the greatest small business and such an amazing community which has stood by me at every moment. I have built a large clientele for myself throughout the years, and I have met some really amazing people from all over. To my hometown of Sinton, you have treated me well for the past 25 years. I am beyond proud to call you home. Thank you for believing in me!

“We are a small town, but we stick together, and we support each other. That’s the true beauty of it all. Thank you, thank you!”

He said he has been overwhelmed with the experience but is excited for this opportunity.

“My family and I have worked so hard for this moment in such a short amount of time,” said Alaniz. “God’s blessed us with this opportunity. We’re going to take it, and we’re going to run with it. We’re all excited.”

There will be a representative from each state in helping out with the decorating. 

“We’re all going to team up and will be decorating the entire White House,” Alaniz said. “The White House already has a floor plan set for us and ready to go. They will be providing all the supplies and, in order for us to decorate, we do have to wear specific uniforms.”

The decorating is set to begin on Nov. 29 through Dec. 1, but Alaniz will be taking off to Washington, D.C., a week beforehand. 

“The days will be long, and I will be working all day getting the White House ready for Christmas,” Alaniz said. “I plan on taking off a week before so that I can go sightseeing and get a taste of Washington because I’ve never been before.

“I’m also excited to meet the family themselves.”

Alaniz advises those with a dream that they want to accomplish to go for. 

“Just go for it. Never look back on anything. Set your mind to it, and if you feel like doing it, just do it. Go for it,” said Alaniz.

For more information about Adrian Michael Events visit their Facebook.

AJ Lopez is the assistant editor at the News of San Patricio and can be reached at 361-364-1270 or at