Flaring at Cheniere to fire up this week and next

Cheniere’s plant in Gregory-Portland will be flaring this week and next which is a routine safety device for the facility.

GREGORY-PORTLAND – Residents can expect to see flaring at Cheniere’s plant in Gregory-Portland this week and next.

In a statement released by the plant, it read, “This week, our Corpus Christi Liquefaction facility will increase flaring temporarily for routine maintenance. This is essential in order to safely operate and maintain our facility. While the flare might be more prevalent next week, we expect it will return to normal very soon.”

The issue of flaring has been dealt with before with Cheniere directors saying, “We want people to understand that flaring is part of a normal operation. The flare is designed as a safety device.”

Flaring will occur when methane, propane and ethylene are burned at the plant, and is designed to protect employees and the facility, they added.

“The presence of a flare is not indicative of something going wrong at the site,” the company previously said.

When maintenance duties commence at the plant, residents can expect to see flares ranging in size from 10 to 60 feet with a more significant flare next week.

Company officials have previously stated that they do not expect noise from the plant to exceed 55 A-weighted decibels, which is below nearby Portland’s city-mandated 63-decibel  limit, but it was not mentioned in this statement.

“We’re committed to letting you know what’s happening here at Cheniere and will continue to be responsive to our neighbors,” the statement continued. “Feel free to contact us via email (community@cheniere.com) if you have a question or call (888) 371-3607.”