GREGORY – For a few months now, San Patricio County residents may have noticed an apartment complex just off U.S. Highway 181 in Gregory has halted construction. The complex, which will feature 144 units and be known as The Glades II, sits next door to The Glades of Gregory apartments and is by Sinton native Tim Torno.

While Torno no longer lives in San Patricio County, he does have family here and wants his new complexes to reach completion as soon as possible.

“The reason the project shut down was because out lender defaulted,” Torno said. “Our lender is based out of California and when it came time to fund the loan, he just could not do it.

So we funded all the progress that you see today out of our own pocket and now it’s on hold until we close on a new construction loan.”

Eagle-eyed county residents may have noticed some workers there cleaning up the property recently, preparing for the project to start up again as well as a construction trailer now on site as well.

“We’re in negotiations with a couple of lenders but COVID-19 has not made it any easier,” Torno added. “Now that things are improving, lenders are more receptive to getting back to their work and we’ve got two different lenders working very hard at it.

“We’re hoping that within 45 days we’ll be back in construction.”

Torno’s company, Torno Properties LLC, is also looking at building another Glades property in Aransas Pass,  which would be 168 units of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments located off the State Highway 35 bypass. While it was originally planned to open in June 2021, the Glades II property has thrown a minor wrench into those plans.

“We really felt that we needed to get the project in Gregory restarted and back on track before we divide our efforts in Aransas Pass,” Torno said.

With San Patricio welcoming several industries into the area as well as suffering from a housing shortage, Torno has his sights set on other areas in the county including Sinton. While he said serious discussions have been put on hold until the Gregory project gets moving again, Steel Dynamics Inc. calling the city its home means there is definitely need for more housing.

As for The Glades II project, Torno said the city and the community have been very supportive and helpful even as they work through issues with construction. He said he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone and is eager to begin working on the project again.

“I grew up in Sinton and my family still lives there,” Torno said. “We have very strong interest in the project and the residents.

“We’re confident we can get it back on track this year.”



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