SINTON –  On Wednesday, Sept. 25, Tawana Roberson, 27, was sentenced for life in prison for the murder of her 4-year-old son Kane McCraney earlier this year. The trial for Roberson began on Sept. 23 at the San Patricio County courthouse.

In March, Roberson was arrested and charged with capital murder with a bond set at $400,000.

According to reports, the incident started when the Gregory Police Department was called to an emergency center in Portland where a child had been admitted, and his heart had stopped beating. CPR was performed on Kane, but the child died.

Gregory Police Chief J.A. “Tony” Cano testified that the child had multiple marks and scratches, with Roberson stating that the injuries could have come from other children with whom he was playing.

Roberson was found guilty on four counts including murder, serious bodily injury to a child, failure to provide nourishment and child neglect.

San Patricio County District Attorney Sam Smith stated he was seeking the life sentence for Roberson because he alleged it as a first degree murder case. If he had seen it a capital murder case, then he would of sought out the death penalty. 

“The case didn’t fit the definition of a capital murder case,” Smith said.

“The problem with a capital murder case is you have to prove the intentional killing of someone. There’s a difference if you do something that’s clearly dangerous to a human life and a death results, that’s a little different than an intentional killing.”

“So, to prosecute it as a capital murder case, you have to have an intentional killing. Not an intentional act that’s clearly dangerous to human life.”

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services took control took Roberson’s seven other children into custody, where they still remain.

Anyone who suspects a child is being neglected should call 1-800-252-5400 or report it online at

AJ Lopez is the assistant editor at the News of San Patricio and can be reached at 361-364-1270 or at