SINTON – The city of Sinton received a much deserved award after beating out other locations in Louisiana, New Mexico and other sites in Texas and bringing the $1.7 billion Steel Dynamics Inc.  project to the county.

The Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) has chosen Sinton as the recipient of this year’s Community Economic Development Award for a city with a population of less than 10,000. The award recognizes the city for the successful attraction of the Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) project, which is slated to open in 2022 with a over $1 billion capital expenditure and more than 600 high paying jobs.

The TEDC is an Austin-based non-profit professional association dedicated to the development of economic and employment opportunities in Texas. Their website states that their diverse members share a common goal: bringing new investment and jobs to Texas.

“After an extensive search throughout the Southwest region, we landed here in Sinton and we couldn’t be happier,” SDI Sinton Senior Vice President Glenn Pushis said. “The people of San Patricio county and Sinton have been so receiving and it’s a great, great workforce.”

In a statement from the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation (CCREDC), who nominated Sinton for the award, said the impact on the town of Sinton and the Coastal Bend region of this large investment is the main factor in the selection of the city for the award.

CCREDC President Iain Vasey said he was enthusiastic about the manufacturing renaissance the region is experiencing that is recognized by this award.

“Sinton really hasn’t seen a lot of growth over the last several decades  and this is going to really put it on the map,” Vasey said. “It’s not just for the importance of the steel industry, but it’s going to have an effect to everything in this community from residential growth to commercial and retail development as well. 

“It’s amazing to see how fast this project is coming along. The Steel Dynamics guys are absolutely top notch professional level folks and the economic impact is being felt throughout the entire community.”

Vasey said that there are currently about 1,200 local construction workers at the facility getting it ready for its opening in 2021 and the job of the CCREDC is to get as many local people working as they possibly can and they are delivering on that message.

Pushis said SDI has about another six to eight months of construction before they start the facility up and will include three or four other companies on-site which might employ another 200 local workers as well.

Sinton Mayor Edward Adams, who was on hand to receive the award said, “It is a great honor and a privilege that we were given this award. I think this just validates the fact that our community came together at a time when we needed to, and graciously welcomed Steel Dynamics with open arms. In doing so, it’s not only going to affect our community, but it’s going to affect surrounding communities and all communities within the region as well. 

“I look forward to continue working with our new neighbors, SDI.”

Pushis added, “We’re excited to be here, and we really appreciate the great reception.”


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