Nearly 1K county jobs ghosted

San Patricio County EDC Executive Director Foster Edwards can't explain the recent loss of jobs in Coastal Bend as well as 1,000 in the county.

TAFT – It seems as though during this Halloween season more than ghosts are disappearing into thin air.

During a recent virtual county breakfast held for the city of Taft, San Patricio County Economic Development Executive Director Foster Edwards pointed out that in September more than 900 county jobs simply vanished.

“I will tell you I usually have some notion as to what causes these type of things – but I just do not know,” Edwards said. “I emailed and called the (Texas Workforce Commission) to see if they had any theories as to why all these jobs were lost but didn’t get an answer.”

Nueces County in September lost nearly 5,500 jobs and the entire Coastal Bend area lost a total of 8,000 jobs. All without explanation.

“Sure, Nueces County losing 5,500 jobs is big, but us losing 1,000 jobs is pretty darn big, too,” Edwards said. “My first thought was there must have been some layoffs I don’t know, but it’s across the board. It’s not like there was a layoff in one company or something.”

Another theory was that school started up and summer jobs went away or parents had to stay home and teach their children so they quit their jobs. The idea that possibly since the tourism season ended, employees were let go was floated during the meeting as well.

But an answer couldn’t be found.

“It’s very distressing because I know that jobs are being added, but we lost more, a lot more; we lost 1,000 more,” Edwards said.

“We’ve been on track for the last several months where it’s been getting better each month, so I don’t know. I just don’t know.”


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