New year, new raise: Commissioners approve raises for all county employees

On Monday, commissioners approved a $1,000 raise for county employees due to savings in last year’s budget.

SINTON – San Patricio County employees will see a bump in pay to start off their new year.

During last year’s budget proposal hearing at commissioners court, County Judge David Krebs said the county was going to have a 10 percent reduction in health coverage for employees as well as each dependent.

“With that 10 percent, we’re going to turn around and share with the non-elected officials,” Krebs said at the time.

County Auditor David Wendel then added, “We are extremely fortunate with the health plan generated reserves that we believe are in excess of what we need to cover our actuarial liability plus our runoff.

“So we thought it was time to start cutting back on our premiums so that employees can take advantage of that.”

And because of those savings, county employees are now receiving a $1,000 flat raise that kicked off on Jan. 1, which commissioners approved on Monday.

Raises for elected officials were not included in the 2020 budget.

The county is also conducting an investigation into county employees’ salaries to make sure their pay is in accordance with the time and experience they have in their positions, so employees may be seeing more raises once it’s completed.