It has been a pleasure working alongside such dedicated families and it’s crazy to think we have already successfully completed the first six weeks. Given the fascinating start of our school year, our (Odem Junior High) staff have been innovative in their planning, designing and implementing of lessons to enable each student to reach their uppermost potential, even from afar. 

The teachers have incorporated labs, projects and physically engaging activities to fully immerse students in all aspects of their learning.

We will soon be entering the month of October, Bullying Awareness Month, and we will work to encourage our students to treat other with respect, act with integrity, and “be a buddy, not a bully”. 

The community, along with OEISD, can unite against bullying. Show your “true colors” as a “buddy” by wearing orange or blue on Wednesdays in October. We can come together with the message of support, hope and unity. 

Additionally, we will be holding our Red Ribbon Campaign from Oct. 25-29. Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s drug prevention program working to reach millions of Americans during the last week of October every year. By wearing red ribbons and participating in community anti-drug events, we pledge to live a drug-free life. In honor of the occasion, our students may participate in the following dress attire:

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, students will be encouraged to wear red to represent that “I am Red-y to be Drug and Bully Free!”  

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, students are encouraged to wear their pajamas to “Follow Your Dreams, Be Drug and Bully Free!” 

On Thursday, Oct. 28, students are encouraged to wear their favorite jersey for “Winners Don’t Do Drugs!” 

On Friday, Oct. 29, students are encouraged to wear costumes to “Say Boo to Bullying and Drugs!” 

We will also be picking up speed with our UIL activities. With multiple content background options, our students have the opportunity to experience academic challenges, all the while using their talents to be recognized and appreciated. Those students that engage as UIL participates often excel, understand and appreciate the educational values of competition. Students will be working during and after school to prepare for the UIL contest. UIL events will take place during the second semester. Additional details to come.

In hopes to develop community involvement and provide opportunities to support in-school spirit, we are also encouraging family members to apply to be volunteers. These activities would consist of making copies for teachers, creating bulletin boards for different activities or seasons, chaperone opportunities and helping hands during appreciation weeks, just to name a few. If you are interested, please contact us at 361-368-8121 ext. 246.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your students each day. It has and continues to be a privilege. OJH, and myself, welcome families and the community to come say hello. Together we can make the most difference in student achievement.

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