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Former Sinton Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Christie Prine, and recently appointed executive director, stood amongst some of her oil paintings late last year that were on display at the chamber’s downtown office.

SINTON  – In June of this year, the community of Sinton was shocked with the sudden departure of the Chamber of Commerce executive director. With Steel Dynamics Inc. gearing up to open and bringing other industry and jobs along with it, the city knew they needed the position filled with someone who not only had experience but also a vision  of what Sinton would become in the very near future.

Christie Prine was tasked with taking up the mantle of ushering forth Sinton’s oncoming growth – and she’s fine with it.

Most residents and visitors already know Prine as she served as the chamber’s administrative assistant and membership coordinator and was also the first artist showcased at the chamber’s new art gallery.

“My husband (Rick) and I have lived in Sinton for almost seven years and I enjoy being part of this community,” Prine said. “I’ve been working at the chamber of commerce for a little over a year now and am thrilled that the board of directors has given me this opportunity to serve our community. 

“I have a long history of community service as well as customer service and plan on putting those skills to work for all of our members.”

Prine is already getting to work as she plans on continuing the chamber’s video project where they highlight members and post them at www.facebook.com/sintonchamber.

She’s also planning the Flags for Heroes event which will take place Nov. 7-13, with a dedication on Nov. 7 at 10 a.m. in Jackson Square. For Christmas, the chamber is planning their Christmas market and the tree lighting on the courthouse lawn on Dec. 5.

“I have it on good authority that Santa will be making an appearance that evening,” Prine said.

Prine knows that Sinton is facing some major growth and said there will surely be a few growing pains along the way but the chamber hopes to help ease some of them for its members by continuing to work hard for them, promoting their businesses, taking the time to showcase them individually and providing business related classes with the help of Del Mar College and the Small Business Administration. 

“Most of these classes are virtual at this time but we look forward to holding our Lunch & Learns soon,” Prine continued. “We will strive to support our community with events and promote tourism to Sinton. This is a great town to do business in, to live in and we want to help get that word out.”

With an important position in a booming small Texas town, the challenges come with the new title and Prine seems to be ready to tackle whatever comes her way.

She said there are always new things to learn and challenges that go along with that, such as continuing to grow and maintaining relevant information and educational topics that are timely for its members.

“I have a board of directors with wonderful people that guide and steer our chamber as we provide the means through which businesses can work together to the benefit of all,” Prine said. “I think Sinton is a great town that I’m proud to call home and it’s our time to shine. I am thankful to be part of this community and am looking forward to working with all of the businesses in Sinton and in our area.”



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