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An e-scooter company showed interest in Portland but residents voiced their opinion against scooters like those shown here in Corpus Christi.

After an electric scooter company expressed interest in moving into the city of Portland recently, a survey was conducted to gauge public interest in such a venture. 

The results are in, and Portland residents overwhelmingly disapprove of e-scooters coming to Portland, with 48.1% who were surveyed strongly opposing. 

According to the city of Portland, the negative responses were based on concern over potential negative impacts on the city’s sidewalks and appearance, along with road safety.

A total of 26.9% of those who were surveyed responded neutrally, meaning they had no stance or strong opinion on the matter, and just 25% were in favor of e-scooters on the streets of Portland. 

For Mayor Cathy Skurow, the biggest take away from all of this was actually the response to the survey itself. 

“The City of Portland values our residents’ and businesses’ input,” Skurow said. “When the electric scooter company approached us, we knew we needed community feedback.

“We are excited to utilize a new method to reach out to our community. We chose an electronic survey that we distributed through our social media and weekly email distribution.”

She said the city was pleased to receive more than 1,000 responses in a 10-day period and now knows the new method of outreach works. She said they look forward to using that technology in the future.

For more information and to participate in future surveys, sign up for the city of Portland’s weekly newsletter at


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