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Packages of synthetic marijuana, mushrooms, scales and other drug paraphernalia was seized during a search at Jacklyn Orta’s residence last week.

Last month, an argument over family visitation left one Sinton man dead and another in jail charged with murder.

At the time, the sheriff’s office said witnesses claimed Robert Leija, 26, went to the house of David Chapa Jr., 28, to see his biological daughter, and an argument ensued. Leija was shot and died at the scene. 

The sheriff said Chapa Jr. was arrested at the scene and is currently in custody charged with murder.

Last week the sheriff’s office returned to the scene of the homicide on to execute another search warrant.

According to Sheriff Oscar Rivera, the search warrant was for narcotics and the arrest of Jacklyn Orta, 27, the mother of the child Leija went to see when he was killed. 

The sheriff’s department said Orta was arrested for two counts of manufacture and delivery of a control substance with bond set at $200,000. Packages of synthetic marijuana, cultivated mushrooms along with drug paraphernalia was also seized during the search. 

The office also said Orta’s boyfriend, Chapa Jr., remains in custody for murder with a $400,000 bond. An additional charge of manufacturing and delivery of a control substance was added to his charge and is part of an ongoing undercover operation.


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