Sinton’s Lion Club collects food for Sinton pantry

As part of the Sinton Lions Club, San Patricio County Commissioner Pct. 1 Nina Trevino, County Clerk Gracie Alaniz-Gonzales, County Treasurer Denise Janak, Chief Assistant Auditor Homer Roblez and County Auditor David Wendel gathered food at the county courthouse for the local Sinton food pantry as one of their community service projects. A box on each floor will remain until Christmas to collect food for the pantry.

SINTON – The Sinton Lions Club, as part of their community service projects, placed boxes on three floors of the courthouse near the employee time clocks.

“The main floor has the biggest one,” San Patricio County Treasurer Denise Janak said.

“And we’re just trying to contribute to the community and show our support for the needy.”

The boxes of food will be donated to the Sinton Food Pantry, located at 125 W. Main St. behind the health department in Sinton.

While the food pantry is only open during the first and third Thursday of every month and won’t be open this week or on Thanksgiving, Sinton Food Pantry Manager Clemente Sanchez did take emergency calls last year to help out needy families.

“If someone really needs some food, they can call and I’ll open up for an emergency,” Sanchez said.

“Last year I had a family call on Thanksgiving and they said they needed food, so I said no problem.

“That’s why we’re here. We’re here to help.”

Sanchez can be reached at 361-222-0817.

Chief Assistant Auditor Homer Roblez said that the boxes will remain at the courthouse until Christmas to replenish the food stocks after Thanksgiving and ensure the community will have plenty around this holiday season.

Paul Gonzales is the editor at the News of San Patricio and can be reached at 361-364-1270 or at