Athletic directors look to future

Odem High School shines their football stadium night each night to honor the athletes whose season came to an end. 

SINTON – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has proclaimed that all Texas High Schools would remain closed for the remainder of the year, and the University Interscholastic League followed suit, announcing all spring sports were being canceled including state championships. 

With the news, area athletic directors have begun to make preparations for the next school year.  

“We are going to proceed to get ready for next year as we normally would, obviously we are going to have to adapt to the current situation. At this time, we still cannot meet with our players face to face, but we communicate with them every day through Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The big concern that we have right now is whether they are staying in shape or not, and we will not know that until we can start training them again,” G-P’s Rick Rhoades said.

“Of course, we’re disappointed for the kids who aren’t going to get to finish their sports, but at the end of the day we understand that this decision was made with the children’s safety as our main priority. We hope that this doesn’t run into next year’s schedule, but in the meantime we’ll work with our kids online through Google classroom and through Zoom where we can send workouts interact with the kids and even go over some sports specific items. One of the biggest things we’ve always preached to the kids is to be able to adapt and overcome, and if this is not that situation personified, I don’t know what is. At the end of the day our kids’ physical and mental health are our biggest priority. We are all teachers. We will find a way to take care of our kids like we always do,” Mathis AD Trae Stevens said.

“Obviously extremely disappointed but understand it’s a necessary evil at the moment. Feel really bad for our seniors right now. Will continue to assist them in any way we can. We also will continue to plan on a month to month basis until we are able to get our kids back into our facilities safely. Until then will continue to communicate through various social platforms and google classroom,” Odem AD Armando Huerta said.

“We are going to make the best out of the situation. More than ever our athletes have to hold themselves accountable when it comes to their dedication to stay physically and mentally in top shape. They have to be innovative and think outside the box with their workouts. They have to have the discipline to follow a daily routine of going to bed at a reasonable time, waking up in the mornings to eat a good breakfast, making the time to study and workout and staying away from junk food and drinks. Bad and unhealthy habits cannot become who they are. We are continuing our knowledge of Sinton Pirate Football with Zoom meetings every week. High school and middle school football players are meeting by Zoom every Tuesday to go over our defense and every Thursday to go over our offense. Offensive linemen and tight ends are meeting on Fridays to specifically go over blocking schemes and defensive fronts. How our players handle this situation will make a difference next season. Every school in the nation is in the same situation. What our players do now will be the difference maker. Hopefully, this will not carry over into Summer Strength and Conditioning Camp. It will be used to get back where we left off. Their commitment during the summer is going to be vital for our success,” Sinton AD Michael Troutman said.

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